Men’s Physique Champ Brandon Hendrickson Hints at Move to Classic Physique

Brandon Hendrickson looks to make the leap to the Classic Physique division.

Newly crowned Men’s physique champion Brandon Hendrickson is already looking for a new challenge.  It seems as if the new King of the Men’s Physique division Is itching to make a run at the Classic Physique title.

This comes as a bit of a shock especially considering that Brandon Hendrickson was just crowned the new champ in the Men’s Physique division. It appears that his coach Is imploring him to at least defend his title at his current division before Seeking the new challenge of taken on competitors Such as Breon Ansley, the current king of Classic Physique, and Chris Bumstead who is one of the top contenders In the division.

Brandon Hendrickson flirted with the idea and made his intentions known in a recent social media post. The Men’s Physique champion clearly states his desire to become a two division champion.

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