Watch Legendary Rapper and Tical Athletics’ Method Man Deadlift 435 lbs (197 kg)

Method Man has been sharing some of his progress with fans and he’s pulling out all the stops.

If you’re a fan of Method Man or his fitness brand Tical Athletics, you’re probably excited about the updates he’s been sharing about his workouts via his Instagram. Method Man has been sharing updates with fans during these uncertain times and inspiring them to hold onto their fitness goals. Take a look at his most recent update below.

“I’m in pain just watching,” commented one fan on the video Method Man shared of his 435 lb deadlift.

Method Man was of course repping Tical Fitness in the gym, the iconic brand which he helped to found. The 435 lb deadlift was extremely impressive and left many fans shocked by such an intense feat of strength. It was a reminder that even in these uncertain times, we are still very much in control of our own bodies. What we do now with our fitness is on us.

Method Man’s deadlift was impressive by anyone’s standards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t push yourself and achieve your own personal record. What’s your version of the 435 lb deadlift? Even if you can’t exactly replicate a 435 lb deadlift on your own (and who can), with self-discipline and goals you can climb to similar heights.

For inspiration, look no further than Mr. Meth himself. Less than a week before posting his 435 lb deadlift, he shared a video of himself completing a 425 lb deadlift. Take a look at the video below.

Clearly, he increases incrementally and takes his time, as all safe and responsible athletes do. “Training is commitment and lifestyle,” he captioned the post.

What could you achieve with incremental progress? Do you have what it takes to really commit to the lifestyle of slow and steady change? Bodybuilding is not the sport for people who want instant results. Bodybuilding is the sport for people who aren’t afraid to shed their blood, sweat and tears in the gym every day in exchange for minimal, incremental progress over time. Truly great iron physiques, like the one Method Man has, aren’t forged in a single day at the gym; they’re built over years or even decades of good nutrition and dedication to fitness. Method Man is one of a million examples of that in the world of true incredible physiques. The bad news is it’s not easy. The good news is, with the right mentality, it could be anyone — bodybuilding doesn’t discriminate. It’s just a question of who’s really willing to commit to this and who isn’t. If you’ve struggled lately with your fitness, let these posts be a reminder that change is an ongoing process. Method Man didn’t get here overnight and neither will you. With that said, it is possible for anyone who puts their mind to do it. Is that person you?

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.


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