Michael Bisping Calls Jorge Masvidal “Trash”

Michael Bisping doesn’t think too highly of Jprge Masvidal.

Former UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping has a knack for rubbing people wrong. He parlayed that knack into his present lucrative status as a high pay per view draw, but sometimes Bisping’s antics come back to bite him.

Welterweight Jorge Masvidal has had no king words for Bisping over the years, and when Bisping tore up the Cuban flag and threw it at Yoel Romero’s corner at UFC 213, Masvidal was understandably upset.

Now it appears Jorge is angling to be Bisping’s retirement opponent next year, as he posted a screenshot on Instagram of the two beefing over several messages.

For his part, Michael vented on the “Believe You Me” podcast, calling Jorge juvenile.

“Obviously, when you were reading that, the whole thing sounds very, very juvenile. He sent one, I responded. He sent something back, then I responded. Then he carried it on and I’m like, listen, I can’t do this. I’m not acting like a teenager sending insulting messages back and forth over bloody Instagram. I’m almost 40 years old! So that’s why I said if you want to keep this up, you’re on your own. I’m not interested, you’re nothing to me, and that was that. And then the little prick takes a screenshot and posts it on Instagram.”

Bisping continued to rail on Jorge and maintained that declining to continue the argument did not constitute resignation on his part.

“I think he thinks in his mind that because I ‘backed down,’ – basically, acted like an adult and said, ‘Listen, f*ck this, I’m done, I don’t need to do this – he thinks that that was me cowering to him and shying away from confrontation and being, as he would say, a little b*tch. No. It’s me being a grown-ass man, nearly 40 years old, and not arguing with some piece of trash from Florida. I’m not doing it. You’re on your own bud.”

It’s unclear if the fight between Masvidal and Bisping will happen, although it is an excellent next step for each fighter. With one fight left, Bisping is not looking to regain the belt, so fighting a lighter opponent with whom there is dramatic history would be ideal. For Masvidal, Bisping is a money fight and a chance to restore some of the honor he feels like the Brit stole from Cuba.

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