Mike O’Hearn has been a major figure in the bodybuilding and fitness world for nearly 40 years. Most amazingly, he has maintained an incredible physique completely all natural. This very sentiment is also a controversial one. Many bodybuilding fans believe that O’Hearn can’t be all natural with a physique that impressive. Yet despite the controversy, O’Hearn has made a living off of himself as a brand – standing tall as one of the top fitness influencers and entrepreneurs in the industry.

We have released GI Exclusive highlights from our interview over the past few months. Now we’re releasing our full interview including topics such as his fall of stage that went viral, whether or not O’Hearn can spot a fake natty athlete, the secret to his all natural physique, and the key advice he received from Joe Weider. That’s just a few highlights in our forty minute sit down conversation.

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Mike O’Hearn is a very busy guy and with good reason – he travels across the country doing guest posings and lectures nearly every other weekend. He has his own product line on the way and has been involved in various TV and entertainment projects. And that’s just recently. Mike O’Hearn has been actively engaged in the bodybuilding world for 37 years.

Due to his 24/7 schedule – he also needs to keep a 24/7 shredded physique. He handles this by waking up at 3am every day to train before getting ready to handle his “day job” career tasks around 7am. Then he’s in bed by 8pm. Rather, rinse, repeat. It’s that kind of dedication that helped him build his self proclaimed all natural physique. One that has gotten him on dozens of magazine covers.

You can check out the full interview with Mike O’Hearn and get inside the popular yet controversial figure in our GI Exclusive above!

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