Mike O’Hearn answers: Can he tell if an athlete is natty or not?

Mike O’Hearn is an all natural bodybuilder and has stood by that claim consistently for his entire career. Yet that hasn’t stopped droves of bodybuilding fans from accusing him of lying. Many believe there is no way he could achieve his physique without the use of steroids. But if O’Hearn really is all natural with that kind of massive impressive physique – can he tell the difference in other athletes if they are using gear or not? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Mike O’Hearn discusses whether or not he can tell if an athlete is natural or not.

Accusing a self-proclaimed natural athlete that they are lying is pretty common and it’s only become more vocal since the rise of the internet. Many celebrities and athletes with impressive physiques who claim to be clean are criticized by the masses. Mike O’Hearn knows this all too well. He’s been receiving those kinds of accusations his entire career.

But if these droves of fans are wrong i of these mass monster shredded physiques truly are attainable all natural – can someone like Mike O’Hearn tell the difference? In our sit down interview, Vlad Yudin asks Mike O’Hearn if he can tell the difference between someone who is honestly claiming to be natural and someone secretly using steroids.

O’Hearn comes back at Vlad by giving examples of celebrities and famous bodybuilders. Asking him – “Do you think he’s on gear?” In each example, Mike O’Hearn explains how it is possible for them to not be on steroids. While he can never be certain for sure. He can see the little nuances that differentiate between people “cheating” and people who worked hard to transform their physique.

But what about fast transformations in Hollywood? Mike O’Hearn brings up Ryan Reynolds as an example. When he first got shredded for Blade 3 it was an incredibly fast transformation. Was that achieved using steroids? O’Hearn makes the case for Reynolds being completely natural. A man who never trained hard in his life will show results much faster than someone who’s been training their whole life.

At the end of the day it’s all speculation. But Mike O’Hearn feels confident in his methods. So confident he can make a fair guess as to who is on gear and who is not. We end off the interview asking how he handles being called a liar for so many years. He says that it doesn’t bother him. He doesn’t even get the criticism too much these days. The negative comments eventually fade away. And he’s only focused on what he knows to be true. Whether you agree with him or not is your call.

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