Mike O’Hearn explains how he maintains such an impressive physique without the use of steroids or other drugs.

Mike O’Hearn is a bodybuilder who has claimed to be all natural for decades. Yet no matter how much he sticks to his story, there are many in the bodybuilding world who simply don’t believe him. Why? They think it’s impossible for someone to have a physique that massive and that shredded without the help of steroids. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Mike O’Hearn goes into detail on how he achieves a truly unbelievable physique while staying all natural.

While bodybuilding and steroids are two words that often go hand in hand when discussing about the sport – there are many people who clearly stay all natural in fitness. There’s even entire natural bodybuilding leagues dedicated to keeping all athletes clean and all competitions fair. But when you compare the physique of Mike O’Hearn to those professional natural bodybuilders, you might notice that O’Hearn looks quite a bit larger than almost all of them.

It’s this very reason why many believe that Mike O’Hearn is lying about his all natural claims. Yet he has never wavered from his story. He has claimed consistently for many years that he’s all natural. That’s why Vlad Yudin decided to ask O’Hearn point blank how he is able to keep a physique so impressive without the use of steroids. If his claims are true, what is the secret to how he is able to basically look like someone who is on steroids without actually needing it? Can the rest of the bodybuilding world avoid steroids if they follow his plan?

Mike O’Hearn can’t explain all the details necessary in just one interview. But he does give an overview of how he’s doing the opposite of what many health experts and fitness coaches recommend. They key element he swears by? Carbohydrates. For years carbs have been seen as the enemy – but he believes that it’s actually the key to his impressive physique even beyond bulking. He thinks carbs are a key element in cutting down for a shredded look as well.

How exactly does he explain this tactic? Watch our latest GI Exclusive interview with Mike O’Hearn above to find out!

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