48 Going On 30: Mike O’Hearn Shows Off An Amazing Back!

Mike O’Hearn has built a very impressive back.

One of the more recognizable bodybuilders in the industry, Mike O’Hearn has been at the top of his game for over three decades. Starting his bodybuilding journey at age 14, Mike O’Hearn has never looked back and as a result has become one of the most recognizable bodybuilders in the world.

Though you may not see Mike O’Hearn on an Olympia stage, he has competed in many competitions throughout his career as well as appeared on more than 500 magazine covers, making him a premier fitness figure in the industry.

A week shy from his 49th birthday, Mike O’Hearn is still going strong and is just as beastly as ever as this Instagram post demonstrates.

What do you think of Mike O’Hearn and his impressive back gains?

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  1. I seen alot of ppl working out on roids this guy still put in work natural or not really don’t matter , ur gonna work twice as harder when juiced out , he still looks better them alot of ppl

  2. People can say what they want! Gear or no gear Mike has 30 plus years of hard constant training and a sound diet equalls looking awesome

  3. I care less that he uses drugs, he’s an adult! My problem is he sells supps and claims natty. I don’t like people selling supps under the premise that if you take his expensive ass crap, you can look like him!

  4. There’s a damn good reason he doesn’t tell the truth. Would you publicly state that you were actively breaking a law?? And he probably assumes that most people are smart enough to know he is enhanced.

  5. Of course he is on steroids, big deal. Low t is worse. The amount of work he puts it got him there. Lazy trainers always get dismissive when they see someone in great shape. If you want to look like that you have to live the lifestyle

    • There are some natural bodybuilders that live the lifestyle, maybe 1 in 10. Plenty of natural bodybuilders that say they are hardgainers but aren’t committed to eating enough. Also I see a ton of natural bodybuilders that don’t train hard, although they think that they do. I am only saying steroid users that are in the condition that Mike is don’t come close to doing what it takes to maximize their potential. Give credit where it is due I also know people on steroids that look worse than natural bodybuilders. Bodybuilders that look amazing work very hard, eat like it is a job and take drugs. Not a knock on anyone just the way it is.

  6. The old argument is always the same steroids did everything and he did nothing or he’s Natty and he’s done everything and steroid to do nothing fact of the matter is the dedication over the years that he’s had and diet and exercise is tremendous no question but steroids had an intrical part to play in this it affects your recovery it affects your strength it affects your metabolism speeds all those up there’s no way around that fact that’s not to take anything away from what he’s done over the years if you think he’s Natty well I’m not talking to you you’re just too naive and ill-informed this topic.

  7. If you don’t even train, lift, have never stood on stage then unlike this page & get the fuck off this thread. What a bunch of jealous arse punks You negative pricks are.
    Even if you do train you probably look the same as when you first started and think steroids are the only answer to looking good.
    If steroids was the answer a lot more guys would be looking like Mike right now.
    Have some respect fuckers!

  8. Oh look!……someone let it slip that high level bodybuilders use steroids! The secrets out!……before you know it, someone’s going to figure out that people modify “stock cars” to use in NASCAR! ……….oh god!! Information overload!!!‍♂️

  9. He could as easily be on SARMS and still claim Naty. I’ve been training for 23 years and I’m 53. I know genetics Mike has tremendous genetics and I’m sure a tremendous workout ethic. That in and of itself has a lot to say. I have not used in nearly a decade. I’m 53 5 9 230… I have been out of the gym for 4 months due to an injury. When I go back I have no problem within a six-week. Being back in top shape. Muscle memory muscle memory muscle memory lift lift lift intensity equals immensity and the rest will follow

  10. I’d be willing to bet that at his age he’s on test therapy at least from his doctor. He’s been is shape forever, I mean he’s always jacked.. I can’t see him doing endless cycles of other gear all these years. Trevor Rock

  11. If you guys think he is natural guess again. I don’t judge any one who uses steroids it is a personal choice but when you claim that you are natural and push bodybuilding and healthy products that is my problem.


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