Mike Rashid discusses the rise of drama and negativity coming from clickbait bodybuilding YouTubers.

Looking back at the past decade, one big mark that changed and perhaps even defined the bodybuilding industry was the rise of social media – particularly social media influencers who were not bodybuilders themselves but made a living reporting on and discussing bodybuilding. This of course gave us the rise of clickbait, drama, and rumor reporting on a whole new scale. In the latest GI Exclusive interview clip with Mike Rashid, we talk about his reaction to clickbait and negative rumors.

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Mike Rashid is no stranger to being dragged into internet drama. Being a public figure in the bodybuilding and fitness world, YouTubers and social media influencers jump at the chance to report on rumors that can get them clicks, impressions, and views. That’s why Vlad Yudin spoke with Rashid about how he handles his name being dragged into YouTube video headlines.

Mike Rashid also discusses his opinion about the growing “industry” of clickbait videos and whether or not it’s a viable model for the future. Viewers and readers will always get excited by drama – especially negative or controversial drama- but is that enough to build a brand off of? A career? What kind of legacy are these bodybuilding YouTubers leaving behind?

Mike Rashid doesn’t want to get involved in that kind of career. He doesn’t want his name or brand to be reliant on short term goals and controversial topics. Hear Rashid explain his entire take himself in our latest GI Exclusive interview clip above.

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