Mike Rashid talks the power of social media influencers and whether or not honesty about illegal drugs pose a threat to society.

The internet and social media has changed the way we get information and strongly effects the kinds of regulations governments can actually pose on promotion of illegal drug use. This effects bodybuilding when it comes to performance enhancing drugs like steroids. Social media influencers and bodybuilders can now share detailed information about where to get illegal drugs, how to use them, and how it can transform your physique to success. This begs the question – is this kind of talk to the masses dangerous? In our latest GI Exclusive interview clip, Mike Rashid shares his thoughts.

No matter the industry or country, the war on drugs cannot completely prevent illegal drug use 100%. When one underground market is shut down a new one springs up. New technologies and channels are constantly evolving to evade the law as it continues to crack down. Now it’s not illegal to talk openly about illegal drug use… but is it a good or a bad thing?

There are two sides to this coin. One is that people will be using illegal drugs anyways, so there should be an honest and open discussion on how to be safe with it. That this will actually prevent more deaths than ignoring it completely. The other side is that discussing illegal drugs promotes it – and potentially convinces people to try something dangerous that they otherwise wouldn’t.

So where does Mike Rashid fall on this issue? He believes that the responsibility lands on the individual. That people need to be smarter and make an educated decision when they see influencers promote something. No one is being forced to do anything – and therefor people shouldn’t just trust the first influencer they see talk about steroids. They need to compare and contrast personal opinion with real certified studies. Do the research as to why the drugs are illegal in the first place – and then decide if they want to take that risk.

Mike Rashid also admits that influencers do have a certain power to convince the masses on a subject. Which is why he personally makes it his mission to use his platform to spread positivity only. Does he find it dangerous that certain influencers promote drug use? No – but he won’t be one of the people adding to it.

Check out our latest GI Exclusive interview clip with Mike Rashid above and make sure to watch our previous conversations with Mike right here.

This article and the video above is the opinion of the individuals who appear on screen. Generation Iron Brands LLC does not condone, support, or advocate any form of legal or illegal drug use.

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