Mike Rashid Training Hard For Pro Boxing Debut

Mike Rashid is getting into fighting shape.

Mike Rashid is a bodybuilding personality with a strong following. He inspires his subscribers to push themselves past their limits to reach the pinnacle of their potential. At the same time, Mike Rashid also pushes himself to to new heights, embracing the ideology of the alpha male.

While Mike Rashid may be known for bodybuilding, his athletic endeavors reach far beyond that. As a multifaceted athlete, the fitness and bodybuilding personality always seeks to push himself in many different athletic endeavors. As a youth Mike Rashid was an avid amateur boxer, but never made the decision to go pro. It appears all that is about to change though.

On February 24, 2018, Mike Rashid will make his pro boxing debut. With his years of experience and training under his belt, Mike Rashid is set to fulfill a long standing dream as he enters the squared circle as a professional for the first time.

While he may be making his boxing debut, that doesn’t mean he’s completely done with heavy lifting. Putting aside upper body training, Mike Rashid is still squatting like a beast. Take a look at the video below to see his intense preparation for his upcoming pro boxing match.

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