WATCH: Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punches Unruly Passenger In The Face On Plane

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson allegedly got fed up with an intoxicated passenger behind him during their flight.

Mike Tyson is known for having one of the strongest right hands in boxing history. If there is one thing that you do not want, it is to catch one as a regular person. That was the fate of an unruly passenger who was sitting behind Tyson on a flight. A video, reported by TMZ, shows Tyson repeatedly striking the man in the face.

Tyson was on board of a flight going from San Francisco to Florida on Wednesday night. The incident occurred around 10:30 P.M. after the man apparently would not leave Tyson alone. Other passengers claim that the former champion was very open to those wanting pictures and to have a conversation. The man allegedly kept provoking Tyson even after being told to stop.

Mike Tyson was seen in the video throwing multiple punches at the man, whose face was left bloodied with cuts. The man was given medical attention and later went to the police. There has been no comment made from the police. Also, JetBlue and Tyson’s camp have remained quiet on the incident.

This has been an interesting week for Mike Tyson, who was recently in the news after his appearance with Joe Rogan. After getting high with the host, Tyson made a comment about having wealthy people kidnap the homeless and hunt them on their estates.

“This is what happens. They take these homeless people off the streets. Put them in there, take them to one of those special hospitals. Then, they take them from the hospital, all drugged up, take them to these large estates, property — ‘let’s hunt’ – run!”


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Tyson has also been in talks of getting back in the ring to take on one of the Paul Brothers, but that seems very unlikely given his stance on the celebrity boxing scene. Tyson has since created a line of edibles and believes that there is more coming on that end.

To this point, there has been no comments made on the incident involving Mike Tyson and this man on the airplane. When the story comes out, there will be updates provided.

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