Mike Tyson On Psychedelic Toad Venom: ‘I ‘Died’ During My First Trip’

Mike Tyson shared his experience the first time he tripped off toad venom.

Mike Tyson has been open about his drug use during his life. This includes some battles with toad venom. Tyson recently shared his first experience at a conference dedicated to psychedelics. The meeting took place in Miami and Tyson admitted that he tripped off toad venom 53 times in his life.

Despite taking the drug many times, Tyson said that there was nothing like the first time.

“I ‘died’ during my first trip. I did it as a dare I was doing heavy drugs like cocaine, so why not? It’s another dimension. Before I did the toad, I was a wreck,” Tyson said.

The toughest opponent I ever faced was myself. I had low self-esteem. People with big egos often have low self-esteem. We use our ego to subsidize that. The toad strips the ego.”

The venom comes from the Sonoran Desert Toad. This is a Mexican amphibian that spends seven months of the year living underground. When it is active, the venom can be smoked and produces a psychoactive trip. The venom began being used in healing rituals and has gained plenty of attention because of the popularity of other drugs such as LSD.


Mike Tyson first discovered toad venom about four years ago when he was overweight and drinking a lot. Tyson was offered the drug and fell in love with it immediately. during his time using toad venom, Tyson has dropped over 100 pounds and even started boxing again.

“It has made me more creative and helps me focus. I’m more present as a businessman and entrepreneur.”

“People see the difference. It speaks for itself. If you knew me in 1989 you knew a different person. My mind isn’t sophisticated enough to fathom what happened, but life has improved. The toad’s whole purpose is to reach your highest potential. I look at the world differently. We’re all the same. Everything is love.”

Mike Tyson even has a nursery of the toads at his house in Southern California. He is working on two different brands of cannabis. While his toad line will not include actual venom, it will be inspired by his experiences with the venom.

This is a field that Tyson feels strongly about. He addressed that he is fighting for psychedelics to become available to buy over the counter. Tyson believes that this is the reason he has become more focused and it has made him a better businessman. Tyson has become a huge advocate for psychedelics and has began speaking about them all over the country.

Mike Tyson is one of the best boxers in the history of the sport. He has used drugs many times in his life and toad venom has turned into a favorite of his. It will be interesting to see how he continues to promote the use of psychedelics.

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