Woman Makes Over $13,000 Selling Breast Milk To Bodybuilders

Mila De’brito has made a nice chunk of change off her breast milk.

The term “liquid gold” can mean many things and be used to described fluids of all kinds. For Mila De’brito, a mother in he UK, this has taken on an entirely new meaning. In this case, it is breast milk.

De’brito recently shared that she has made $13,522 by selling her breast milk to bodybuilders. This was revealed in a TikTok video where De’brito is seen holding a pouch of her own breast milk, referencing it as liquid gold. 

To no surprise, this caused some comments under the video from viewers who want to either try out the method or are critical of it.

“Fair play!,” one comment read. “I know I would if I could produce enough milk but could only do 2 weeks.”

Another added that the method was “genius” while a third mother commented “Omg I can’t get enough in a bottle for a feed never mind sell it, jealous.”

Of course, there were some critics to this method as well. They did not agree with it or argued that the milk was better off being donated and not sold. This is where another commenter came to the aid of Mila De’brito.

“For everyone arguing about money. Donations are only taken up to a certain time after pregnancy. After that, milk quality drops but still sellable.”

The benefits of breast milk have been outlined by many bodybuilders. There are plenty of benefits in regards to nutrients. There is less protein in breast milk than regular cow’s milk but this is not the only factor looked at. Breast milk carries more cards and fat, including overall calories, and this is a reason that bodybuilders believe it will help. 

Bodybuilders are a group that want to build as much muscle mass as possible during training and breast milk is a way to do so. This is not the first case of breast milk making some money for mothers willing to sell. De’brito has made plenty of money from her endeavors in this field and it is likely to continue.

When looking at the milk that bodybuilders drink, it can vary from skim to whole depending on the goal of the athlete at the time. What we do know is that breast milk carries many benefits. To see it make a mother this much money is something that has gained much attention from others.

Mila De’brito has been active on social media in sharing her accomplishments. For any further information, keep an eye on her TikTok profile to see if there are more updates shared.

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