Milos Sarcev makes it clear that coaches, gurus, and bodybuilders all know the risks going into training prep for the sport.

In our last interview segment with Milos Sarcev, he explained the difference between “correct” and “incorrect” ways bodybuilders use steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. In our new follow up segment we dive deeper into a coach or guru’s role guiding an athlete through enhancement supplementation and training. What is their real role and responsibility if they are not a licensed doctor? And are past accusations against coaches like Chad Nicholls valid? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Milos Sarcev explains why he thinks coaches are responsible for bodybuilders’ health… but that Chad Nicholls is not at fault for his client’s health problems.

Milos Sarcev previously explained to us how there is a large collective of bodybuilders who are using steroids and other PEDs incorrectly. Specifically, they are all mostly taking too high doses. This week – we dove deeper into this topic by discussing the role of a coach or guru in guiding bodybuilders through “correct” usage of PEDs. Namely, how a big part of a bodybuilding coach’s job is to specifically recommend supplementation and steroid cycles to their clients.

Milos explains that when he first takes on a bodybuilder – a large part of his job is actually convincing bodybuilders to pull back and take less amounts of steroids and other PEDs. This circles back to the original problem we discussed last week. Milos argues that coaches and gurus have been getting a bad name. They’ve been called drug dealers and drug pushers. But in reality, coaches are often helping bodybuilders take less steroids (at least, if they are a good coach). This is because a bodybuilding coach’s job is to be knowledgable about the best and safest way to help a bodybuilder improve. Clients are not lab rats in an experiment. A bodybuilding coach’s goal is to keep the athlete healthy while also improving their physique.

Of course, bodybuilding coaches are not doctors. They are not licensed to prescribe any sort of drug. So are they responsible for the health of the bodybuilder? Milos Sarcev believes that coaches are, in fact, responsible for the health of the athlete. Again, that’s their goal – to keep a client healthy as they improve. At the same time, Milos makes it clear that there are certain risks involved. The fact is that every coach, guru, and bodybuilder in the industry is aware of these risks. If they are smart, they try to work together to help mitigate these risks as much as possible while training and supplementing.

So what about recent hot button cases like Chad Nicholls? He has been under fire by Shawn Ray for being irresponsible with his past clients health. Is Chad to take the blame for health issues of bodybuilders he has trained and guided? Milos doesn’t believe so. While a guru is responsible for a bodybuilders’ health – it’s only up to a certain point. Again, both athlete and coach know the risks involved. Unless there is obvious negligence on the coach’s part, Milos believes that guys like Chad Nicholls are not at fault.

“Was Chad responsible for it? I wouldn’t call him responsible,” Milos states, “He was dieting them to the stage to do something they would do anyway. He was guiding them specifically and probably a way healthier way and a safer way.”

You can check out Milos Sarcev’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!



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