Milos Sarcev explains what the world gets wrong about steroids and why he thinks it’s a healthy drug for bodybuilders.

Currently under United States law, the use of steroids recreationally is illegal. It can only be prescribed for specific medical conditions. It’s also often regulated in nearly every sport to prevent athletic advantage. This is true in many other countries around the world. Due to this, many people believe steroid use to be unhealthy and dangerous – if not used as prescribed. There are various studies and medical experts that support this claim. Milos Sarcev could not disagree more and has reasons to back it up. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Milos Sarcev explains why he thinks steroids are actually healthy and should not be villainized in bodybuilding or other sports.

The conversation about sports and steroids has been debated for decades. This is especially true for bodybuilding. As many sports try to regulate steroid use and other performance enhancing drugs, athletes find new ways to dupe the drug tests. Every once and a while, a big athlete is caught and it causes a scandal. The debate starts all over again. Rinse. Repeat.

There are those that believe that athletes should be allowed to legally use steroids and not be penalized by sports leagues. While there may be a health risk, it’s a risk the athletes are fully aware of and are willing to take. Rather than have some cheat – let everyone freely use PEDs and keep the sport truly fair.

Milos Sarcev would take that argument a step further. He believes that steroids are not that risky to begin with. At least, not more unhealthy than many other drugs that are sold over the counter in pharmacies across the globe. Milos’ argument is plain and simple – steroids are actually healthy.

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When asked about the health of bodybuilders and their ability to recover from illness – Milos Sarcev jumped straight into the conversation about steroid use. He explains that steroids are used, when prescribed, for an amazing amount of things that help people become more healthy. Help them recover after major accidents. Help them maintain testosterone levels when they drop as they get older. They are used to help fight certain infections and illnesses. So Milos argues – why are steroids being called unhealthy when used for sports?

Milos goes on to argue that the side effects listed for a wide variety of other drugs available at pharmacies match if not exceed the kind of risks steroids might bring. But for some reason steroids are villainized. Athletes who use them are seen as druggies or dope fiends. Milos Sarcev finds this reputation unfounded. He thinks that bodybuilders and athletes who use steroids are likely healthier than most people.

Of course, Milos does concede that overuse can be dangerous. But this is true of any drug. It can be true of headache medication you get over the counter. And that’s part of the problem. By regulating and banning steroid use in sports – it makes information harder to find. It makes young athletes use these PEDs incorrectly and risk their health. If it was allowed for open use – athletes would be even healthier. There would be no increase in deaths or serious health issues.

Do you think Milos is correct or over simplifying the issue? Decide for yourself by watching Milos Sarcev in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.


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