IFBB Monsterzym Pro 2019 Results

A battle for the ages in South Korea.

This weekend held the IFBB Monsterzym Pro 2019 and included some big names in the Men’s Open division including Hidetada Yamagishi, Nathan De Asha, and Juan Morel. Hidetada was gunning for a first place position in the Men’s 212 while fans expected the main face off in Open to fall between Nathan De Asha and Juan Morel for the first place spot.

The official results are now in – check them out below:

Men’s Open Results

1. Nathan De Asha
2. Juan Morel
3. An Nguyen

Men’s 212 Results

1. Hidetada Yamagishi
2. Ahmed Elsadany
3. Jafar Ghaffarnezhad

Bikini Results

Coming soon…

To check out a list of all past results and score cards from IFBB competitions in 2019 click here.


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