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Hadi Choopan’s impressive, mind-bending physique has never been the problem in his bodybuilding career.

Rather, it’s the other obstacles in life — namely, his visa issues — that have gotten in the way of his competitive status. But just like we hurdle all physical obstacles in the gym, Hadi Choopan hurdled the logistical obstacles life threw his way to come to a stunning 3rd place finish in this year’s men’s open.

As Hadi Choopan mentions in the interview, it’s been a difficult path for him to get to the Olympia. But whose path in life isn’t difficult? Rather than focus on the obstacles and setbacks put in front of him, Choopan chose to focus on what about his situation he could control: building an astonishingly massive physique. There’s a lesson to be learned there for all of us. Feeling sorry for yourself never gets you anywhere, no matter how unfair the circumstances may seem. The results speak for themselves. Congratulations, Hadi, on a stunning Olympia debut!

To celebrate the huge impression Hadi Choopan left at the Olympia this year, Varyjer Motivation has put together this epic bodybuilding motivation showcasing just how powerful and threatening Choopan can be as he barrels forward in the IFBB. Check it out above!

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