Move Over Wonder Woman! Kai Winklaar, Sister In-Law of Roelly Winklaar, is an Amazonian Queen!

Kai Winklaar is an amazonian queen!

Finding your swolemate can be a truly daunting task. After all, not everyone is going to want to get into the gym and push their minds and bodies to the absolute limit. But when you do find that special someone who can bring the best out of you, you have to do your best to keep them in your life. For Quincy Winklaar, brother to Open Weight bodybuilding standout Roelly Winklaar, he has found his perfect swolemate in his wife Kai.

While Quincy Winklaar has built up an impressive physique in his own right, his wife Kai is nothing short of impressive as she has built a body that Wonder Woman would be envious of. With beautiful proportions and strength visibly coursing through every fiber of her being, Kai Winklaar is certainly the kind of swolemate every bodybuilder dreams of.

With beauty, muscle, and dedication all working firmly in her favor, Kai Winklaar is proving that she can hang with some of the most well built and conditioned athletes in the world.  A figure athlete who has taken her talent on the competitive stage, Kai Winklaar has certainly seen it all.

There’s no doubt that being apart of the Winklaar family could be more than a bit intimidating, especially when you consider the influence they have in the bodybuilding world. But Kai Winklaar more than proves her mettle as she has pushed herself to build a truly noteworthy physical form that is as beautiful as it is strong.


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If you make an ass of yourself there will always be someone there to ride you. #realtalk #realbooty #realass

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