Mr. Classic Physique Robert Timms Has Impressive Proportions That Could Place Him In The Top 5

Robert Timms is earning his Instagram name.

It’s the time of the year when everyone seems to be leaking photos of their contest prep and with good reason. It works well as free advertisement and gets the word out that the Olympia is right around the corner. As such, athletes from many different divisions have been posting pics of their progress leading up to the biggest show of the ever. One such athlete is “Mr. Classic Physique” Robert Timms.

Competing in the Classic Physique division, which comes as no surprise, Robert Timms is a talented bodybuilder with a ton of potential. While many people have been focused on Classic Physique competitors like Arash Rahbar and Sadik Hadzovic, Robert Timms has been flying under the radar and is proving himself to be just as talented as any of the other competitors in the division.

This Instagram post from June shows how impressive his symmetry and proportions are.

#motivationmonday these were some shots taken when I was with @bigdjames this weekend he is very proud of my progress I’m sitting at 240 and I couldn’t get there without @jessiekeller24 force feeding me!!! I couldn’t have done it alone having @gaspari supplements and @richgaspari behind me I’m on tract to where I want to be!!!! Robert “The Classic Prince” Timms is ready to start his Mr Olympia prep. As you can see again Robert took his offseason very serious and by staying super lean at 240lbs you can pin point easy where he made some improvements. His max stage weight limit is set at 225 which means he can be 5 lbs bigger than last year and that works greatly in his favor. Look for an even bigger and better Robert Timms at this years Mr Classic Physique Olympia. @mrclassicphysiq #MenaceTransformation #DennisJamesNutrition #TeamDJNutrition #TeamMenace #TheMenace #TheMotivator #DennisTheMenace #MTUT #IdRatherBeTiredThanBroke #No1Hustler #TheGrindNeverStops #AlwaysFollowYourDreamsAndBeTheBestYouCanBe

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Since then he hasn’t placed up a great deal of progress pics, but it’s easy to imagine that he’ll look ten times better by the Olympia.

Do you think Robert Timms can be Classic Physique champion?

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