MTS Machine Greens + Multi Superfood Complex Review

This super greens supplement is a convenient shake to give you fruits, vegetables, and vitamins.

Product Overview

Given the amount of stress and strain we put on both our body and brain, it is important to bring in supplements that will promote immunity and lead us to live healthier lives. While we may take a host of other supplements, like a protein powder or a pre-workout supplement, we need to look for those which will advance our health and fitness in other ways, including keeping us healthy. While taking a multivitamin is something we all should do anyway, what a super greens supplement can do is fill in the gaps that are missed by a multivitamin, no matter how good.

With so many brands and products on the market, it can be challenging for us to really decipher what the best super greens supplement out there is for us. Sifting through nutrition label after nutrition label and doing a quick online search of ingredients is a waste of time and energy. MTS Nutrition Machine Greens + Multi Superfood Complex is a super greens supplement created with the hope of helping you out when it comes to a healthier lifestyle and increased athletic training and performance.

Super Greens

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MTS Nutrition is a company seeking to make good quality supplements for their consumers to promote better health and fitness, as well as great gains. With a focus on quality control and transparency, they aim to stand out in the sports supplement industry as an honest company. With products ranging from all kinds of supplements, this super greens was created to promote better health and wellness. With advanced formulas and ingredients, they hope this comes through with their products.

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MTS Machine Greens + Multi Superfood Complex Highlights

MTS Machine Greens + Multi Superfood Complex is a convenient shake that includes fruits, vegetables, and vitamins to offer a blend of natural ingredients to promote health and wellness. Included with the blend of fruits and vegetables is a high-end multivitamin which is good for those who miss this in their dietary and supplementation routines.

Included with this formula is a green balance alkalizing blend, a super fruit blend, a ProDura blend of probiotics, a machine-strong organ blend, and other ingredients to attempt to round out what they see as an advanced formula.


Green Balance Alkalizing Blend

Astragalus: A natural dietary supplement that can treat the cold and other infections through immune fighting properties, while also working as an anti-inflammatory (1).

Barley Grass: Helps control blood sugar levels, healthier digestion and weight loss, and is a great source of fiber.

Spirulina: High in nutrients, this works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and may improve muscle strength and endurance performance (2).

Others: Alfalfa, bitter melon, chlorella, gotu kola, kale, lemon, oat grass, wheat grass

Super Fruit Blend

Acerola: Aids in digestion and immunity while working to help your cardiovascular system as well.

Goji: Aids in weight loss and regulating blood pressure levels, while also having benefits to your eye health (3).

Pomegranate: Rich with antioxidants, it can reduce blood pressure and help with memory.

Others: AcaiVida, blackberry, cranberry, grapeseed, jaboticaba, mangosteen, MaquiForza, raspberry, strawberry

Machine-Strong Organ Blend

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Benefits range from aiding nerve pain, helping weight loss, and working on levels of cholesterol.

Choline Bitartrate: Supports brain and liver health while working to assist with weight loss (4).

Others: Milk Thistle, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine

Other Ingredients: Hypromeliose, silica, magnesium, stearate, magnesium bisglycinate chelate, pyridoxine HCL, benfotiamine

Super Greens

Price & Effectiveness

MTS Machine Greens + Superfood Complex is designed to give you a complete and convenient superfoods supplement with many blends and many more ingredients packed together to give you what they see as an advanced formula. With 30 servings per container, one scoop of this powder will give you a full dosing of this super greens supplement with the hopes of improving your health and wellness. This product comes with either an unflavored option or a flavored option being Apple Cinnamon.

Pros: A mix of greens, fruits, and probiotics makes for what would seem to be a good blend. The idea of a multivitamin mixed in is great if it works.

Cons: Not a great taste and you will still need to take a multi. Many of these essential ingredients are low. For the price, this could be a way better product when it comes to taste and effectiveness, as some side effects like exhaustion were noted.

Price: $34.99

Featured Athlete

Marc Lobliner

Marc Lobliner is a professional bodybuilder and amateur boxer who operates his own coaching business called Tiger Fitness. Featured in many publications, this athlete knows what it takes to succeed in a grueling sport like bodybuilding. Working with MTS, Marc uses their products as a way to further himself in his career and in his everyday life, while also promoting them so others can do the same. A true athlete and inspiration for many, Marc seeks to use fitness as a tool to bring people together and change lives.

Overall Value

MTS Machine Greens + Superfood Complex is designed to be an all in one convenient super greens supplement to enhance your health and wellness. While it does contain many ingredients and different blends put together in what MTS sees as an advanced formula, it is a disappointing super greens supplement compared to many on the market. With a tough taste and either unnecessary ingredients or other essentials missed, MTS dropped the ball a bit on this product. What you are really getting is an overpriced super greens supplement that may help you, but looking elsewhere is a smart move to start. If your interested, definitely check out MTS Machine Greens + Superfood Complex for what works for you may not for others, but know you could do better.

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