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The inside story of the FDA raid on Blackstone Labs.

THE MUSCLE MOGUL – is a digital series starring PJ Braun, a bodybuilder and daring business entrepreneur. Fast cars, wild animals, powerful guns, and big business are all commonplace in PJ’s life. But after his company was raided by the FDA and a nasty divorce, PJ found himself at the end of his rope. This is the story of how he persevered and became one of the most exciting and luxurious bodybuilding business owners in the industry. New episodes air every Friday.

At the end of the series premiere of The Muscle Mogul – PJ Braun broke down reflecting back on the FDA raid of Blackstone Labs but only hinted at what happened on one of the lowest days in PJ’s life. That’s why in this week’s episode, PJ takes us through a tour of the entire company and introduces us to his key personnel as they recount the dramatic day that the FDA showed up at the Blackstone Labs headquarters “guns blazing” as PJ so specifically put it.

But much all things in bodybuilding, the key to this sport and industry is perseverance and willpower regardless of what life throws at you. It’s about jumping over the hurdles and building back up stronger than ever before. That’s why PJ Braun did with Blackstone Labs and it’s the reason they are all still here today.

Follow alongside PJ and his crew as they walk us through every step of the raid, why it happened, and how they were able to move forward and build up stronger than ever before. Check it all out in this episode of The Muscle Mogul above!

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