Forcing kids into the industry.

MUSCLE RANTS – is a new weekly series starring Tiger Fitness’ Marc Lobliner as he schools you on the tons of bullsh*t that constantly gets highlighted in the bodybuilding industry. Muscle Rants airs every Monday only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network.

How young is too young to lift? It’s a question that people and the media ask constantly. Is it unhealthy to lift young? Is it inappropriate? Who knows. The biggest concern is this – do heavy lifters pressure their kids to lift too early? As many parents accidentally tend to do… are we all shoving our interests down our kids’ throats in the hopes they’ll continue our legacy? Well, it’s just about RANT time here at Generation Iron – so check out Marc Lobliner’s latest rant in the episode above.

Muscle Rant airs every Monday right here on the Generation Iron Fitness Network. Make sure to subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get daily updates on our latest and greatest shows. Stay pumped.


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