Don’t be a d*ck. Stop trolling with online steroid comments.

MUSCLE RANTS – is a new weekly series starring Tiger Fitness’ Marc Lobliner as he schools you on the tons of bullsh*t that constantly gets highlighted in the bodybuilding industry. Muscle Rants airs every Monday only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network.

You see it all the time. Bodybuilders put hard work every single day in the gym, in their diets, on the stage. They spend their entire lives sculpting and perfecting an amazing physique. It’s damn hard work. Hard, hard work. Yet this always happens – many internet trolls start spamming bodybuilding social media handles with comments crying “STEROIDS!”

Something like, “Yeah, I could do that too if I was injecting steroids every day.” It trivializes the all the hard work that goes into a bodybuilding lifestyle. So what does professional ranter Marc Lobliner think about all this? Find out in the latest episode above.

Muscle Rant airs every Monday right here on the Generation Iron Fitness Network. Make sure to subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get daily updates on our latest and greatest shows. Stay pumped.

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