Taking the GH out of “GH Guts.”

MUSCLE RANTS – is a new weekly series starring Tiger Fitness’ Marc Lobliner as he schools you on the tons of bullsh*t that constantly gets highlighted in the bodybuilding industry. Muscle Rants airs every Monday only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network.

One of the biggest controversies in modern bodybuilding revolves around one phrase – GH Guts. It’s inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger to call out the IFBB and eventually lead to the newly created Classic Physique Division. But do these big bubble guts really have anything to do with growth hormones? Marc Lobliner is sick and tired of hearing people complain – so it’s time to do another rant setting people straight. Check it out above.

Muscle Rant airs every Monday right here on the Generation Iron Fitness Network. Make sure to subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get daily updates on our latest and greatest shows. Stay pumped.

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