MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen Energizer Review: Is It Really That Extraordinary?

Is it the best BCAA formula for workouts?

MuscleTech has always been about enhancing power and the precision of workouts. In its line of result-oriented products, comes the MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen Energizer, which is one of the most popular performance enhancers recently. With all the good reviews it has received, I gave it a try. Would you like to know more about this supplement?

There are pre-workout supplements that can keep up your energy levels throughout the workout session. This BCAA based formula is suitable to be taken before workouts or even in between if you need an instant energy boost. This is formulated to deliver instant energy as well as to enhance your performance.

With a focus on elevating muscle strength, this supplement comes loaded with an extensive list of ingredients without added sugars.

Here is a detailed review of this product and how it works when it comes to performance enhancement-


  • Increases muscle strength
  • Great taste
  • Elevates mental alertness
  • Builds endurance
  • Contains electrolyte component


  • Contains sucralose

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Ingredients and nutrition information

This supplement contains all 3 BCAAs, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine in the ratio 2:1:1. These are added in a micro ionized form for easy mixability. It also contains 500mg each of Taurine, L-glutamine, and L-alanine. With this, there is 1.25g of betaine anhydrous added as the strength enhancer. Sodium chloride (180mg), coconut water (50mg), watermelon juice (50mg), dipotassium phosphate (40mg), and caffeine (50mg) are the other main ingredients.

The supplement comes with added Vitamin B6 (5mg), vitamin B12(6mcg), sodium (75mg), and potassium (18mg) that provides wholesome nutrition to bodybuilders.

All of these ingredients put together to increase the potency of this supplement. Further, to give it a good shelf life and to make it easy to blend, there are traces of other ingredients. These include malic acid, silicon dioxide, citric acid, added flavors (natural and artificial), sucralose, acesulfame potassium, and calcium silicate.

These figures are per scoop of MuscleTech AminoBuild Next Gen supplement. Each scoop also contains 25 calories.

Every little ingredient is listed on the label, and there are no hidden ingredients. The formula has been created from the tedious clinical study of the use of betaine supplements for muscle building. The product also comes tested for ingredient purity in third party labs.

Benefits of MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen Energizer

Understanding the benefits should help you figure out whether this is the supplement for you-

  1. Muscle recovery

Taurine added in the supplement is known to be one of the most effective ingredients for recovery. It is an antioxidant that can help bodybuilders recover faster and increase their workout frequency confidently.

  1. Alertness

Caffeine content gives that instant push you need during a workout. It helps you mindfully exercise your muscles and also stay fully focused. If exhaustion hits you hard after a few sets, then sipping this supplement can give that refreshment in the middle of your session.

  1. Hydration

Dehydration from excess sweating and stimulants is common in athletes and bodybuilders. This is one of the rare supplements that comes with the right blend of electrolyte components. From coconut water to watermelon juice and dipotassium phosphate, there is a blend of electrolytes that help prevent dehydration.

  1. Lean muscle building

The primary reason why betaine is included in the blend is to help build lean muscles. When complemented by the right weight training workouts, you can notice visible changes in your cuts with this supplement. The manufacturer has formulated a dosage of betaine based on tedious clinical studies.

  1. Performance enhancement

Strength increases due to leucine. Within months after taking this supplement, there can be a significant improvement in the strength or the intensity of each workout. This can also show in the form of boosted athletic performance for the athletes.

  1. Muscle growth from BCAAs

While all the BCAAs have their perks, leucine is known to have a positive influence on protein synthesis in muscle cells. This, in turn, leads to muscle growth, which shows in the form of improved results in bodybuilders. For all the bodybuilders who are struggling to make muscles from their workouts, this supplement with its 4g BCAA per scoop can bring a notable change.

  1. Endurance

Taurine helps with recovery. Therefore it is also the reason why this supplement is good at improving the endurance of the user. Cell volumizing becomes a reality because of the 500mg taurine it contains. It also works in unison with the other recovery-focused ingredients like L-glutamine and L-alanine. Together, this supplement packs a punch when it comes to building endurance. It can, therefore, take you to the next level in your training within a short while.

  1. Great taste

Besides the fruit punch flavor, there are others like blue raspberry, orange mango, watermelon, white raspberry, and icy rocket freeze as well. Both natural and artificial flavoring ingredients are used to deliver a subtle fruity flavor.

Also, It doesn’t cause any harm when you consume this along with other supplements. That’s a huge plus as many of us consume lot many supplements to build our muscles quickly.

Is it a safe option?

The recommended dosage is two scoops for a serving. This is more than enough to give that instant upliftment you might need during a workout. It can easily take you through the whole session without feeling tired. Anyone above 18 years of age can safely use the supplement without worrying about side effects. The only two ingredients to be careful about are the 75mg sodium and 50mg caffeine. You should be cautious when you stack this supplement along with any other stimulant-based pre-workout supplement. Otherwise, this is a safe supplement suitable for both men and women in bodybuilding and athletics.

When and how should you take this supplement?

The minimum recommended dosage is one scoop mixed in 8oz of water. Though it can be mixed with other beverages as well, it comes with a sweet fruity flavor that tastes best in water. For best results, you can take two full scoops with 16oz water before as well as in between your workout session.

My take on MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen Energizer

I have a lot of experience with BCAA supplements, but this one has been quite different. It is the blend of BCAAs with the other rich ingredients that make this unique and the results I get after using this supplement have been enormous and pretty consistent.

I should tell you about the taste and the first impression this supplement made on me. It blends well in water, and all it took was a few hard strokes of my shaker to mix it well. I tried it with other beverages, but I like the fruit flavor when consumed separately. It wakes me up when I have it in between my workouts.

The manufacturer recommends stacking this with a stimulant with a pre-workout supplement if required. This one doesn’t contain creatine, which is very important for bodybuilding. I take a creatine supplement after the workout for more effective recovery.

In terms of the energy boost, this is my favorite trait of this supplement. It acts instantly and refreshes you from head to toe, no matter how tired you are. With a fresh feeling, you can also feel more alert when you are working out.

The muscle strength improvement and endurance support are the other significant results I observed after taking this supplement. I could lift heavier weights with confidence. As a muscle-building supplement, this one might not be sufficient on its own if you need some drastic changes. I combine it with protein isolate supplements for visible changes.

One point that I would like to highlight is electrolytes. I frequently got dehydrated during my workouts before I started using this supplement but it stopped completely now. The addition of electrolytes that prevent dehydration into the supplement is really useful for me.


For a 280g jar, this supplement costs $29.99. This gives only 30 servings if you take one scoop at a time or 15 if you take two. The price is therefore slightly high for most beginners. If you are, however, looking for something that offers a huge spectrum of benefits and a noticeable improvement in your endurance, then this supplement is worth the cost.

Overall Rating

Effectiveness – 9/10

Taste – 9/10

Price – 7/10

Ingredients – 8.5/10


A final word

On the whole, this supplement has been giving excellent results when consumed consistently, which is a good thing. Therefore I will buy my next jar. But the price is a turn off as there are similar BCAA supplements in this segment priced much lower than this one. However, not many of them come with as many ingredients as MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen Energizer. Whether you want to consider this as the next generation of advanced BCAA supplements that you cannot live without is up to you. However, it does make you feel energetic and also helps with increased muscle strength. The fact that this is a fast-acting supplement is another huge plus.




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