MyProtein Layered Protein Bar Review

MyProtein Layered Protein Bar Review

Our MyProtein Layered Protein Bar Review: Everything You Need To Know

Protein bars are a great, tasty way to get your macros in while dieting down, bulking up, or just maintaining. They are perfect when you are in a pinch, looking to throw a treat into your diet without ruining it, or just for a simple snack. However, protein bars can be hit or miss. Some of them can be chalky and bland, some can have too much fat or carbs that it leaves you wondering if they are even healthy, some can have horrible texture, and so on. Enter, MyProtein Layered Protein Bars.

As per usual, MyProtein does not fail to deliver, especially with these bars. Packed full of flavor, good macros, and an even better price, how can you say no?

Nutritional information, taste, texture, you name it and we’ll discuss it here. Let’s dive into the MyProtein Layered Bar.

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What are Protein Bars?

You probably have a good idea of what protein bars are. But, have you every heard where they originated?

First appearing in the year of 1986, protein bars were originally marketed as “Power Bars.” They claimed to provide athletes with a reliable source of high protein, which was quite literally eaten up by the fitness community.

Protein bars today range in macro nutrients, flavors and brands, all natural ingredients and so much more. Protein bars are typically looked at as a meal snack or even in some cases an actual meal replacement, depending on the ingredients and macros.

Today’s market is a melting pot of protein products, and there are so many different bars to choose from when looking to satisfy your hunger. There are protein bars that satisfy just about every taste, craving, and diet in the world. You name it, there is probably a protein bar for it.

Many protein bars are quite honestly not the greatest when it comes to things like nutrients, price, flavor, texture and taste. MyProtein has taken those things into consideration and changed the formula to create the Layered Bar. The Layered Bar changes the game for protein bars, bring good taste, good nutrition, and good price all together.

Whether it be for meal replacement, snacking, or just a tasty treat, you cannot go wrong with at least giving the MyProtein Layered Bar a try.

MyProtein Layered Bar Overview

MyProtein delivers yet again a delicious protein packed product. The Layered Bar is just that, layered. Five indulgent layers and a soft core to easily satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, all in a nutritious manner.


Now, many protein bars have flat, bland flavors that end up tasting nothing like what is advertised. A lot of times you see the same few flavors with each brand, and that definitely can get old. That is certainly not the case with MyProtein, they bring flavor to the table with the Layered Bar.

The Layered Bar comes in a couple different unique and delicious flavors, all of which can appeal to anyone’s cravings. Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, and Peanut Butter and Jelly.

There is a flavor on that list that could more than likely appeal to just about anyone’s taste buds.


Let’s look at what comes in Layered Bars nutrition wise. To start, each bar comes in around only 220 total calories! Focusing mainly on the macros of each Layered Bar there are:

  • 9 total grams of fat
  • 7 grams of saturated fat
  • 19 grams of carbohydrates
  • 4 grams of total sugars
  • 3 grams of added sugar
  • 20g protein

Protein comes in with a whopping 20 grams! The sources of this protein also include both whey AND soy isolate. A lot of studies support the claim that the human body can only take in 25 grams of protein in one sitting max, so the Layered Bar gives you just the right amount to soak up.

Other nutritional information on the bar includes just 10 mg of cholesterol, 115 mg of sodium, and 12 grams of sugar alcohol. There also is 171 mg of calcium, 2 mg of iron, and 179 mg of potassium in the bars. All of this packed into one delicious snack sized bar, that can be enjoyed on or off diet.

Layered Bar Prices

Now, you get what you pay for with the MyProtein Layered Bar, and what that is is quality. It may not be the cheapest on the market, but there is a reason for that. You are paying for a quality product, and that is exactly what you are receiving. MyProtein actually offers a few different packages for prices with the Layered Bar!

Selection Box ($5.99): The selection box allows the buyer to get three bars for the price of just $5.99! The flavors of this package include Cookies ‘N Cream, Chocolate Brownie, and Birthday Cake.

Sample Pack ($3.49): The sample pack is just that, a sample of the bars. You can purchase one bar of any flavor you want for $3.49.

12 Pack ($18.99): The 12 pack offers 12 bars for only $18.99, and you can choose from any of the previous flavors mentioned!

MyProtein Layered Bar Reviews

The MyProtein Layered Bar has racked up about a hundred verified customer reviews on their brand’s website, averaging a score of 4 out of 5 stars! Many of these reviews compliment the taste and nutritional information of each bar. One customer even states that after their first order, the Layered Bar was amongst their favorite protein bars of all time!

Suggested Use of the Layered Bar

One of the best features of the Layered Bar is they are ready to consume at any given moment! Just open up the wrapper and curb your cravings.

Now, when it comes to dieting there are certain things that come into play such as fitting macros in at certain times. For example, it is common that many people will consume protein within an hour before or after their workout to fulfill the “anabolic window.”

If meal timing is something you take into consideration, perhaps look at the macros on the bar and see where you can fit it in. But, the Layered Bar can be consumed as a quick snack on the go, after dinner dessert, or in all honesty whenever you feel the urge to indulge.

Whether it be for meal replacement, snacking, or just a tasty treat, you cannot go wrong with at least giving the MyProtein Layered Bar a try.


We have now gone over just about everything involving the MyProtein Layered Bar, so let’s recap exactly what was covered.

Beginning with the nutritional aspect of it, the Layered Bar typically weighs in at about 220 calories. In those calories there is about 9 grams of fat, 19 grams of carbs, and 20 grams of protein. The Layered Bar is great as far as nutritional value.

There are already great reviews on the Layered Bar, as well as affordable prices. This gives the MyProtein Layered Bar a great overall value. Not to mention there are a few different options for different prices that everyone can give it a shot!

Whether it be for meal replacement, snacking, or just a tasty treat, you cannot go wrong with at least giving the MyProtein Layered Bar a try.


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myprotein-layered-protein-bar-reviewWhether it be for meal replacement, snacking, or just a tasty treat, you cannot go wrong with at least giving the MyProtein Layered Bar a try.