Namibian Women Take Top Medals In South African Bodybuilding Show

Namibian Women rise to the occasion.

The annual Sharneen Classic in Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most significant events in the region. This year a group of Namibians – mother and daughter Hess Robinson and D’Shane Robinson, along with friend Chantal Williams- took the stage for a special performance.

Hess competed in the ultra-competitive Bikini Fitness over 35+ category and took 4th. Such a high placing was almost unexpected. Hess was most proud that she adhered so faithfully to her training protocols.

D’Shane placed 2nd in the Beach Bikini division, and Williams took 2nd and 3rd in the Fitness Bikini over 1.66m and Fitness Bikini over 35+ divisions, respectfully.

Williams told New Era News, that the stellar placings represent a new hope for Namibian bodybuilders who up until now have received less than impressive results against their South African counterparts.

“It’s crystal clear that we can hold our own with hard work and dedication towards this particular sporting discipline. As participant, trainer and owner of Body Squad, I would like to invite more women and men to push themselves to a competitive level to bench and measure themselves on an international level.”

Williams will be coaching the Robinson due through their local show, the Front House Classic, this October.

According to her, the biggest barrier to entry for Namibiam women is the sheer cost of bodybuilding- not just in time and energy. Most will have to pay for a coach and order a custom bikini costing N$2,000 with shoes costing N$1,400 – not to mention travel/competition fees or tanning and makeup on show day.

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