Nate Diaz Prepared To Leave UFC For Boxing To Fight Jake Paul

Nate Diaz might be close to leaving UFC if a fight with Jake Paul can be scheduled.

Jake Paul has become a main figure in the boxing world because of his personality and social media presence. This has been joined recently by a 4-0 record and a large price tag for opponents. This is something that has caught the eye of Nate Diaz.

The UFC fighter has one bout left on his contract with the company. It has been rumored that Diaz would be interested in boxing and taking on Paul in his first fight after leaving UFC. This is something that Josh Thompson believes will happen very soon.

On the “Weighing In” podcast, Thompson offered a strong opinion and confirmed these rumors that Diaz is interested in fighting Paul.

“I want you guys all to know this. He’s leaving the UFC and he’s fighting Jake Paul. Just stop, okay? This is his last fight. He’s not fighting in the UFC anymore. He’s gonna fight and he’s gonna fight Jake Paul,” Thompson said.

This is not the first time that Jake Paul has been linked to an MMA fighter. He has gone on record saying that he is interested in taking on Conor McGregor but this fight with Diaz might have taken present recently. For Diaz, the payday makes the most sense if he is able to leave UFC.


Aside from Paul, Diaz has been approached about a potential trilogy fight against McGregor. This would not earn Diaz as much as a fight with Paul would. In the boxing ring, Diaz could earn upwards of $10 million for that bout compared to a much smaller number if he would take on McGregor again. Thompson believes that McGregor does not have that big of a draw anymore.

“I think Nate’s going to leave and fight Jake Paul in boxing. He can probably make anywhere from ten to fifteen million to make that one fight. If he can fight one time in boxing against someone he has a lot more experience than.”

Since making the transition from YouTube sensation to the boxing ring, Paul has a perfect 4-0 record with notable victories over Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. The possibilities of who he can take on next seem endless with the current draw that he has in the ring. An opponent is in for a big payday if they step in the ring with Paul and this is something persuading Diaz if the fight is able to get scheduled.

This is more than a rumor and according to Thompson, this is a meeting that could be confirmed soon enough. Nate Diaz has one fight left on his contract with UFC and that could be the last one if he feels boxing might have a more lucrative option. When looking at the numbers and the potential, it is not far off from the exact truth.

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Greg Patuto
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