Nathan De Asha Does Brutal Leg Day With Dallas McCarver’s Coach Matt Jansen

Nathan De Asha is transforming into his ultimate form.

In the Open Weight division of bodybuilding, building massive amounts of muscle is key to success. While some do believe that symmetry, proportions, and definition are keys for being the best of the best, it’s hard to break into the top ten in the world if you aren’t a massive beast. Gone are the days of the undersized heavyweight taking on a mammoth bodybuilder. After all, there’s the 212 and Classic Physique divisions for that. The Open Weight division is all about proving how much you can gain while still maintaining a tight package.

Nathan De Asha has already proven himself to be a prospect to watch in the Open Weight division. But while he may have qualified for the Olympia a number of times, he hasn’t broken into the top five. But make no mistake, Nathan De Asha is on the rise and jumping from twelfth place in 2016 to seventh place in 2017 shows that he is constantly improving and no doubt will be better in 2018.

On his journey to be the best bodybuilder in the world, Nathan De Asha has put on some considerable size while training out in Kuwait at the famed Oxygen Gym. Currently stateside, De Asha dropped in at Arsenal Strength, Matt Jansen’s gym and the home of the late Dallas McCarver.

Matt Jansen is known as a trainer that pushes his athletes in hopes of helping them transform into the ultimate form. The leg training protocol he puts Nathan De Asha through will no doubt reap a ton of benefits on his way to breaking into the top five of the division.

What do you think of Nathan De Asha and his chances at breaking into the top five in 2018?

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