Is Donte Franklin the Greatest Natural Bodybuilder?

Natty bodybuilding God!

IFBB pro open weight competitors are simply freaks. There’s no other way to put it. When you see these athletes hit the stage, your mind realizes just how impossible it is to get to that size while still have defined muscle. It’s damn near a feat of science as that’s partially responsible for the gains these competitors are able to cultivate. Don’t get it twisted, hard work and dedication are key factors to building massive muscle, but we’ve gotta be real. You need gear to look like a mass monster. But there are those who have been blessed with supreme genetics and are able to remain natural, relying simply on good old fashioned consistent training.

Donte Franklin is one of those individuals.

While many may not follow natty bodybuilding as avidly as the IFBB, Donte Franklin has been able to capture the attention of many bodybuilding fans. He possesses the kind of physique that few men have been born with. With continued training and dedication to his craft, Donte Franklin has grown into a man to be admired.

It just proves that their are talented individuals out there that don’t need to be apart of the IFBB to be considered top level bodybuilders. While there may be appeal to be a mass monster, to some there’s nothing better than training naturally and building a physique without the help of gear. Donte Franklin is proof that hard work on its own can pay off and while every natural isn’t going to look like him, they can still become an improved version of themselves.

Are you a fan of natural bodybuilding?

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