NDO Champ talks about why he started boxing and how he believes it will make him unstoppable at the Mr. Olympia.

NDO Champ just might be one of the most intense bodybuilders currently in the sport. So much so – that imaging him in the boxing ring makes us seriously worried for his opponent. While NDO is a tried and true bodybuilder, he has now put his focus into training as a boxer. Why? Because he believes it will actually make him an even better bodybuilder. So much so – that once he perfects his boxing training he will become unstoppable at Mr. Olympia. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, NDO Champ goes into detail about his boxing training and how it will improve his bodybuilding future.

NDO Champ once proudly proclaimed that he would win the Mr. Olympia. By his estimates, this was the year that was supposed to happen. But the COVID-19 pandemic changed his plans. He still expects to win one day – but now he’s readjusting his long term strategy.

In the meantime, NDO Champ has been focusing on boxing. There’s a variety of reasons why he jumped into the sport. One reason being the entertainment behind it. He enjoys boxing and finds it to be a great way to make himself more valuable as an athlete and entertainer overall.

Ultimately, bodybuilding is his first and true love. He sees boxing as a way to actually improve his talents in the bodybuilding world. He believes that if he can master boxing, that he will be able to truly master his conditioning.

“Boxing is going to help me with my conditioning, you know?” NDO Champ states at the top of our interview segment. He continues:

“Right now I’m mentally so focused, you know what I mean? Like the discipline I’m going through with boxing, if I apply that into bodybuilding nobody can stop me.”

NDO Champ goes on to say that after he perfects his mental game in boxing, if he focuses on 10 months of prep before the Olympia, he will be unstoppable. That’s his longterm plan to success in bodybuilding.

It’s also a tactic you rarely hear bodybuilders talk about. Bodybuilding is such an intensive sport that it often consumes everything else. You don’t hear much of a pro bodybuilder moving over to another sport. Or if they do, it’s for good and not as a tactic to improve their bodybuilding future.

NDO Champ doesn’t do anything traditionally. And if there is anyone who can pull this off – it could very likely be him. The kind of intensity we’ve all seen from NDO is unmatched. If he can further focus it via whatever means he deems necessary, we just might see a new legend on the horizon.

You can watch NDO Champ go into detail about his current views on boxing and his bodybuilding future in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.

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