The new face of the 5% brand.

Actor and fitness fanatic Martyn “The Monster” Ford will be the new face of 5% Nutrition, the late Rich Piana’s famed supplement brand. Martyn recently starred in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This month, he will be leading the 5% crew through a UK tour.

At events all over Britain, Martyn will be meeting fans, signing autographs and posing for pictures many locations. His next appearance will take place at the Pyramids’ T-Nutrition store.

T-Nutrition is one of the UK’s leading fitness supplies distributors. Centre Director Derek Millar expressed his excitement to the Globe:

“This is a wonderful opportunity for fitness fans and film buffs to come and meet this intriguing force of nature at T-Nutrition. Martyn’s story is quite something; once an aspiring cricketer, he’s spent the last 10 years working hard on his magnificent transformation into a fitness legend and is now also taking on big film productions.”

Chief executive Trevor Goodwin added:

“Martyn is figuratively and literally one of the biggest guys in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. He’s an awesome inspiration and we’re huge fans, and with his film career also about to go through the roof this year, it’s an amazing draw for us to welcome him to T-Nutrition.”

120 VIP wristbands are offered to all attendees who purchase the ‘5% Stack’ – a £49.95 supplements and accessories package. All shoppers will also be able to avail themselves of free protein pizza and ice cold smoothies. Other discounts will be available at several UK events.

“It’s going to be a brilliant day and we hope to see many customers for this unforgettable event.”

Derek concluded, “We’re thrilled that Martyn is going to be visiting Pyramids’ customers this week and due to his popularity, we advise that people arrive early to get their wristbands for priority entry.”

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  1. noop thanq !!! its not the face of 5% , there is only one dude who could pull this off and that men we lost … 5% is dead but jane thinks she can fix it , chanel is out of the picture at all , she’s posting all weird pictures on insta and started a go fund me page and shitt …. it’s over goddammed !


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