Days Out From The Olympia Jeremy Buendia Progress Pic Showcase That He Will Be Hard To Beat

Jeremy Buendia looking unreal.

As the Olympia draws closer the preparations have pretty much been all dialed in. If anyone needed to make further adjustments to their physiques then they may find themselves disappointed. It’s a bit too late to hope from massive improvements days out from the event. One person who seems to handle their preparations for the Olympia extremely well is reigning Men’s Physique champion Jeremy Buendia.

After ruling over the division for the past three years, Jeremy Buendia hasn’t lost a step whatsoever. In fact, it appears that he’s making constant improvements. While there are certainly other competitors in the Men’s Physique category with a chance to dethrone Jeremy Buendia, it appears that the champ has been hard at work during the off season to ensure that his oppoisition has no chance at defeating him.

Days out from the Olympia, Jeremy Buendia has decided to post up a progress pic that showcases his inhuman proportions.

In his current condition, it’s hard to see who will be able to defeat Jeremy Buendia on stage. Who do you think has the best chance of victory against the reigning champ?

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