Putting New Zealand on the map.

The 2018 NABBA Manawatu/Wanganui Championships will be held again this year at the Royal Wanganui Opera House on Friday night.

New Zealand’s Trainer Of The Year Audrey O’Keefe is ecstatic to watch her Revitalize Gym team take a shot at the Top Gym title.

“Well, why not? We always try, don’t we?” she told the New Zealand Herald.

O’Keefe beat out 140 other trainers with points accumulated by her bodybuilders to be named Trainer Of The Year in 2017. She credits them with much of her success.

“You’re only as good as your team and I’ve got a bloody good team.”

But last year at this competition, her squad missed the Top Gym award by just two points, and City Fitness from Palmerston North claimed victory.

Revitalize Gym should be bringing stronger competition to this year’s show.

“We’ve got three really awesome competitors that have been competing overseas.”

Last year, Michaela Sullenberger came third in the Novice Shape division, despite having recently given birth.

O’Keefe said, “Shape is actually one of the biggest classes, so it’s one of the hardest ones.”

O’Keefe also recruited some talented young males from the Wanganui City football circles. Expat competitors will include Auckland’s Sasha Bell, Nee Crafar, and Wellington’s Joel Ashworth. This Friday will also mark the NABBA’s fourth 2018 event.

Many of the competitors will still be approaching top seasonal condition, but should still put on an outstanding show regardless.

Judging Rounds commence at 12pm in the Opera House tomorrow and cost $15 to attend. The evening show and awards ceremony begins at 5 and costs $25.

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