Former NFL Star Greg Jennings Shares Bodybuilding Transformation

Greg Jennings has taken a liking to fitness competition.

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings has made a major shift in his life. The former NFL star and Super Bowl champion has been seen as an analyst since retiring from professional football. But while analyzing the game he loves is his main pursuit these days, Greg Jennings has apparently taken a liking to fitness and bodybuilding competitions.

Being a former professional football player, Greg Jennings is naturally competitive. Making the shift to another competitive endeavor only makes sense.

Already genetically gifted, Jennings has proven to acclimated well to the Men’s Physique class. The Instagram post below shows the former NFL star before and after his fitness transformation.


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Then vs. Now : Before I completely close the door on this my first prep, and competition. I thought it would be only fitting to recap. I don’t celebrate myself that well so don’t expect me to talk about becoming Mr. Minnesota 🤷🏾‍♂️. : November 4, 2019 I began this transformation. This health & fitness journey was one I had experience with primarily surrounding the world of sport. Physically I knew I would be up to the challenge. Mentally was where I had my greatest question. : Would I be willing to go all in again? : Would I push beyond, beyond? : Could I revive the disciplines it takes to be great? : Initially what I failed to remember was. The answer to all those question are only revealed while exposed to and consumed with the process. : See often time we selfishly think our experiences are solely for our own benefit. We couldn’t be more ignorant. : This experience was not only to better myself but to also inform me that what worked “back then” may not work “here and now”. : I had to surround myself with a new support system. Individuals who knew more than me, individuals that would only take what was needed from “back then” and help me to apply it to “here and now”. Meanwhile, they were being ushered into new territories as well. Areas that would better equip them as we collectively progressed. : Finally, this experience was also for you. To show you that you too can accomplish any goal you set. All you/we need is a tinch of inspiration. For me that was @nicole.jennings85 running a marathon. : If you haven’t realized it yet let me help you. Our world needs inspiration. It’s the inspiration that sparks the interest that will ultimately be the change we all so desperately need.🙏🏾 : Remember this! Now will eventually become Then so don’t flatter yourself to long. You have better in you. : #neverbesatisfied #stayuncomfortable #alwaysinpursuit #inspire #natural #godisgood

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Jennings spoke more about his transition to a bodybuilding lifestyle.

“I’m going to take bodybuilding as far as it can take me,” said Jennings. “Or how far my wife will allow me to take my physique.”

The former NFL star also spoke on his transformation and what he noticed first during his bodybuilding training.

“I think the first noticeable difference was my back,” said Jennings. “It was like, ‘Man, I’m finally getting some definition the way that I want in my back.’ And then when I looked at my front, I was noticing I was becoming fuller—my pecs were raising, my abs were starting to pop, and my arms were becoming fuller.”

What do you think of Greg Jennings’ new love of fitness competitions?

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