Nick Best Crushes A 500-Pound Deadlift For 50 Total Reps At 53 Years Old

Strongman Nick Best completed five sets of 10 reps and made it look easy.

Age, injuries, heavy deadlifts — nothing matters for Nick Best and he showed that in a recent social media post.

The 53-year-old strongman shared a video on Monday to Instagram to display five different videos. In each one, Best stands over 500 pounds and completes a deadlift set of 10 reps. In total, Best completed 50 reps while barefoot and wearing a lifting belt and straps. Not only did Best complete the reps all together, but he made it look easy each time.

“500lb Deadlifts for 50 reps! 5 set of 10 reps at 53! Age is just a number!”


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Nick Best is coming off an injury he suffered during the 2021 Kern OpenBest attempted what would have been a world record deadlift of 370kg (815.7lb) and suffered a torn tendon in his left lat. Best was competing in the Masters Over 50 division at the event and ended up placing third. It is not surprising to see Best recover as quickly as he did and get back to lifting heavy weight.

Since making his debut in 1991, Best has been a big name in powerlifting. He earned a gold medal during his first competition at the 1991 United States Powerlifting Federation. He has appeared in a total of 27 sanctioned meets and has 17 victories. This includes a win at the 1996 World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation World Championships. In over three decades, Best has only missed the podium five times.


Best has competed at the World’s Strongest Man competition 10 times. His highest finish came in 2010 when he placed sixth overall. He also has two second-place finishes at the Giants Live Australia and a bronze medal at the 2007 America’ Strongest Man competition.

This incredible set of deadlifts is not the first time Best has used social media to update on his strength.

“425lb Bench Press and 25 Dips were 2 of the highlights from today’s Chest and Triceps workout! The triceps are really starting to fire again. Next goal is 450lbs by the end of December! Keep working back methodically! Patients is the key!”


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Nick Best has been determined through his rehab process from injury and now is on to moving some big weight again. It is only a matter of time before he takes home another victory in competition.

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