Nick Trigili Takes Aim at Enhanced 2 The Max and Tony Huge

Nick Trigili has taken umbrage with Generation Iron’s latest documentary, Enhanced 2 The Max as well as the movie’s primary focus Doctor Tony Huge.

Nick Trigili contends that Tony Huge isn’t a real doctor and that he shouldn’t be the focus of any documentary or film. Trigili believes that Tony Huge shouldn’t be allowed a platform at all and goes in depth in his latest YouTube video promoted on Instagram.

While it’s easy to understand that there are certain individuals in the industry that others may not like, to contend that Tony Huge shouldn’t be given a platform is a bit extreme. Generation Iron captures the lives of a host of individuals in the fitness and bodybuilding industry with the sole purpose of sharing their unique stories.

The GI brand never takes sides in an issue and merely allows things to play out and does not necessarily agree with all statements provided by individuals in our films. Nick Trigili is well within his rights to express his opinion on the matter and utilize his first amendment rights to free speech to give his own critique on the issue and Generation Iron welcomes all open debates on topics within the fitness and bodybuilding space.

What do you think of Nick Trigili, Tony Huge, and Enhanced 2 The Max?

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