Nick Walker Shares Most Recent Back And Bicep Workout

Nick Walker shared another workout video on his YouTube page.

It is hard to find young bodybuilders with as much potential as Nick Walker. He has already reached great heights within the first year of earning his pro card. This includes a victory at the New York Pro and Arnold Classic. Walker has also been active on YouTube where he posts workout videos for fans to follow.

Most recently, Walker shared a video where he was training back and biceps. He made it clear that the workout would be with free weights and less emphasis would be put on machines. The day began with lat pulldowns, where Walker completed three sets of 10. Walker gave some insight on how to perform the lift. Some tips included staying upright and not leaning back. Also, focus on controlling the weight rather than overloading.

Walker finished fifth at the Olympia this year. He is building a physique that could one day win the biggest competition of the year. Walker is one of the biggest mass monsters in the sport today and it is because of workouts such as this one.


Nick Walker continued to perform three sets of 10 dual bent dumbbell rows followed by smith machine deadlifts. Walker finished with humblers before moving onto biceps. He did not overload the machine with a ton of weight as this was his fourth workout of the day.

After training back, Walker moved onto biceps. It began with standing bicep curls and 21’s curls. He finished with three sets of 12-15 hammer curls. Walker finished off a strenuous workout by going through a posing routine. This is part of his daily workout in order to remain in competition shape. When he filmed the video, Walker weighed 278 pounds and will continue to put on some more weight slowly.

I don’t plan on getting drastically heavier. I mean if I do, as long as training’s not suffering, I have good condition and I feel okay, f* it. But it’s not the goal so I definitely like where I am now, how I look being almost 280lbs. Last time I was 280, I feel a lot leaner now.”

Nick Walker has looked as dedicated as ever after his finish at the Olympia. He made it clear that fifth place was not good enough and he will do what it takes to improve. During the offseason, Walker is focusing on those improvements and this means there will be plenty to watch in 2022.

Walker is one of the fastest-rising prospects in the sport and has become a fan favorite. This will continue as he racks up more victories over the next few years and attempts to climb up the leaderboard at the Olympia.

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Greg Patuto
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