Nick Walker is known for his freakish massive size. Here he shares how to bulk up to mass monster levels without gaining too much fat.

Nick Walker has been turning a lot of heads this year in the bodybuilding industry. This is mostly due to his freakishly gigantic size. He’s bringing the kind of mass monster physique that is rarely seen in the industry. Think Big Ramy levels of size and you’ll have an idea of what Walker looks like when he steps on stage. What’s even more promising is his age. At only 25 years old he’s already showing impressive size. Just imagine what time will bring. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Nick Walker shares insight into his daily routine and his secret to bulking up.

When it comes to bulking in bodybuilding – the biggest fear is putting on too much fat and not enough lean muscle. The last thing a bodybuilder wants is to appear too soft when he appears on stage. That’s why the cutting stage before a show is crucial. If you’ve put on too much fat, then cutting becomes more challenging.

We previously spoke with Fred “Biggie” Smalls about his tips for bulking up without gaining too much fat. But we wanted to get a well rounded opinion from different pros across the board. Nick Walker is a young pro bodybuilder that is building up hype due to his massive size. He’s nicknamed as The Mutant because he truly puts the freak factor into mass monster bodybuilding.

So what are Nick Walker’s tips for bulking up and not gaining fat? Nick Walker thinks it’s all about paying strict attention to your food intake. While that is vague and might seem obvious, Walker continues by using some specific examples. He mentions that a lot of bodybuilders eat way too much food after the compete in a show. They see it as the opportunity to treat themselves and have a little break. In Walker’s opinion, that break lasts too long for a lot of competitors.

Furthermore, Nick Walker rarely believes in indulging a cheat meal. While he very rarely will cheat on a weekend – he mostly doesn’t allow himself a cheat day at all. Instead he takes eating like a job and stays on a strict routine. He works with his trainer to monitor weight consistently to make sure all is going according to plan. But even beyond that, he works with his trainer to monitor how his physique looks.

The look of your physique can show telltale signs of what is happening to your body – even if your weight seems to be in the correct place. Every single week he has his physique look analyzed and then adjusts his diet accordingly. This is the important part. A bodybuilder must stay vigilant and adapt every single week. You can’t just pick a plan and follow it blindly for months expecting amazing results. It’s about tweaking constantly and adapting to how your body adjusts.

You can watch Nick Walker explain more of his daily diet and training routine in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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