Nick Walker is on a fast rise into pro bodybuilding stardom. Does he feel the pressure?

Nick Walker seemingly came out of nowhere. Just over a month ago, Walker received his pro card by winning the NPC North American Championships on September 7, 2020. In that short amount of time, he has already set himself up to compete at the Chicago Pro in hopes of getting an Olympia qualification. If he wins, he plans to compete at the Mr. Olympia this year. His incredibly freaky physique has gone viral with his physique being favorably compared to Dorian Yates in his prime. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Nick Walker reacts to his sudden rise to fame and being called the next Dorian Yates.

Typically, the same lineup of pro bodybuilders make it into the top spots at Olympia year after year. It’s the reason we only have 15 Mr. Olympia champions over the course of 55 years. Only a select few can become so great that they shine on the Olympia stage.

That’s why whenever a young bodybuilder turns head with a freaky physique, people instantly get excited. The prospect of a young bodybuilder rising through the ranks and threatening the status quo brings vibrant energy into the sport. A few of these bodybuilders come through every year, some of them become consistent top pros. Others fade swiftly.

Nick Walker is the latest bodybuilder to turn pro and instantly go viral and for good reason. His physique is nothing to slouch at. He has been dubbed the next hardcore freak in the sport similar to the links of Big Ramy when he first entered the public consciousness.

But the person Nick Walker is being compared most to is Dorian Yates in his prime. If you’re a young bodybuilder looking to become a superstar pro – that’s one of the greatest compliments you can receive.

We connected with Walker via video chat to dive into his bodybuilding origins and how he’s been reacting to the sudden viral attention he’s been receiving for his physique. Does this bring added pressure into his contest prep? Once an athlete is burdened with expectations – it can have large affects on how the world sees his next appearance on stage.

As of right now, Nick Walker is not letting the hype add pressure to his contest prep. He admits that he loves the hype but tries his best to not let it give him an inflated ego. Instead he uses it as excitement to further drive his passion. If he can prove the hype right, that’s the greatest gift he can give himself.

And what about being compared to Dorian Yates? For Walker, it’s simply a humbling experience. Walker goes on to explain that Yates was always one of his favorite bodybuilders growing up. He was part of the inspiration towards becoming a bodybuilder himself. So to hear his name in the same breath as Dorian is “unreal” as he heads towards his first pro show.

You can watch Nick Walker’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

Derek Dufour
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