Be amazed by number 12 on this countdown.

NO FLEX ZONE – is a new weekly series showing the best and craziest user generated fitness footage on the web every Wednesday.

Whether it’s a major fitness win or major fail – the main thing that might cross your mind is “did that really just happen?” The truth is occasionally you’ll see some amazing things happen in the gym. You’ll see some amazingly terrible things happen in the gym. People who loves fitness are just like everyone else – there are stupid people and there are smart people. And hey – sometimes there are just accidents. But in the end it all leads back to that one inevitable phrase – “Did that really just happen?” It did. And you can watch it for yourself in our latest episode.

And don’t forget we want to see from YOU! Submit your most amazing fitness videos to us at [email protected] to have your clip featured in the next episode of No Flex Zone.

No Flex Zone airs every Wednesday right here on the Generation Iron Fitness Network. Make sure to subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get daily updates on our latest and greatest shows. Stay pumped.

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