WATCH: Nora Langdon Deadlifts 335 Pounds At 78 Years Old

Nora Langdon continues to accomplish incredible feats of strength at age 78.

They say that it gets difficult to maintain strength and perform in the sport of powerlifting as one gets older. Nora Langdon is proving that this is not always the case. The 78-year-old powerlifter continues to put up impressive numbers in the gym and will be back on stage competing in 2022.

Recently, Langdon has been sharing some lifts on Instagram. On Wednesday, she completed three reps of a 265-pound squat. Last week, Langdon impressed with a 335-pound deadlift for a triple. In her caption, Langdon says that she is in training for her first competition of the year.

“Rack pulls 335 x 4

Started out training for the State Meet 3/13/22, only 9 weeks out!”


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Nora Langdon is not sponsored but currently has a GoFundMe page setup so she can receive hep financing her competitions. So far, she has raised over $3,000 that will help her appear on stage this year. Langdon is planning to compete during the USAPL National Championships in June and the 2022 WPC World Championships in November. 

Langdon has been dominant in the Masters 70-79 division. Her numbers are difficult to best and she is only getting stronger. Langdon has expressed that she wants to reach the 500-pound mark in her lifts. 

Langdon did not spend her lift dedicated to powerlifting despite her incredible strength. She worked as a real estate agent for 35 years before discovering the gym. She wanted to get in better shape and this is when she began training with Art Little, a trainer at Royal Oak Gym in Royal Oak, MI. 

After her first training session, there was a bit of skepticism coming from Nora Langdon but she continued to work and fell in love with the craft. In 2006, Langdon made her powerlifting debut at age 64. She won gold in the equipped division by lifting a total of 556.9 pounds. This came during the 2006 USAPL State Championships. This is one of three competitions that Langdon has competed in yearly, along with Nationals and World Championships.

So far, Langdon has competed in 25 sanctioned meets and has won 23 of them. Her competition best lifts include a 413.3-pound squat, 203.9-pound bench press, and 381.4-pound deadlift. These are all numbers that Langdon is committed to breaking at some point. 

Nora Langdon is not only a competitive powerlifter. She has turned into an inspiration for all at any age. She hopes that her work will continue to inspire others to go out and accomplish their goals, regardless of age. Langdon will be competing this year and hoping to add some more medals to her trophy case.

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