Brandon Curry makes a big sacrifice and a big transformation.

OFFSEASON WITH THE CURRYS – is an original docu-series chronicling Brandon Curry’s return to his family from Kuwait. After training abroad for months with the Camel Crew in hopes of a big physique change, Brandon must find a way to balance his family life with his bodybuilding career. This series goes in depth showcasing the hard work it takes both in and outside of the gym to lead a true bodybuilding lifestyle. New episodes air every Tuesday!

Brandon Curry is a pro bodybuilder with his eyes on one prize – the Mr. Olympia Sandow trophy. That’s why when the offer came from Kuwait to train with the Camel Crew, a collective of bodybuilders and trainers that are responsible for transforming physiques in a big way, Brandon couldn’t afford to pass up the offer.

But it also meant that he would have to leave his family for many months, leaving his wife to take care of the four kids in his absence. Fast forward a few months and Brandon Curry has now returned home for what is considered the bodybuilding offseason. With future competitions ahead Brandon still has a lot of work to do while also balancing his family life.

In the series premiere of Offseason With The Currys – Brandon and his wife Brandy look back at the months that he was away and discuss the support and struggles that came with balancing his passion for bodybuilding with his love of his family. Check it out above!

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