The challenge of raising kids while focusing on training and recovery.

OFFSEASON WITH THE CURRYS – is an original docu-series chronicling Brandon Curry’s return to his family from Kuwait. After training abroad for months with the Camel Crew in hopes of a big physique change, Brandon must find a way to balance his family life with his bodybuilding career. This series goes in depth showcasing the hard work it takes both in and outside of the gym to lead a true bodybuilding lifestyle. New episodes air every Tuesday!

Brandon Curry is now in the thick of offseason – that means focusing less on cutting down weight into dry shredded goodness and focusing more on putting on the pounds, building up muscle, and most importantly recovery. But recovery can be a challenge when you are also taking care of a family and focusing on your kids. Especially when Brandon has months of making up to do from being away in Kuwait.

In this episode Brandon and Brandy tell the stories of how their children were born while also spending time focusing on the kids. At the same time we follow Brandon as he head to the chiropractor to loosen his muscles and maximize his recovery. The faster your muscles can recover, the more you can train, and so the faster you can build up improvements against the competition.

But at the same time Brandon needs to make sure that he puts the hard work in to be a good father, to lay down the law when the kids get too crazy, and to set a good example for them during these developmental years.

Brandon may be focusing on recovery but it’s hardly relaxing. Check out this episode of Offseason With The Currys above!

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