Now back with his family, Brandon Curry reflects on how he got married.

OFFSEASON WITH THE CURRYS – is an original docu-series chronicling Brandon Curry’s return to his family from Kuwait. After training abroad for months with the Camel Crew in hopes of a big physique change, Brandon must find a way to balance his family life with his bodybuilding career. This series goes in depth showcasing the hard work it takes both in and outside of the gym to lead a true bodybuilding lifestyle. New episodes air every Tuesday!

Brandon Curry was away from his family for months in order to train at the next level in Kuwait. The hard work paid off with a body transformation that reignited his professional career. But being away is hard – and Brandon is now back home for the offseason and reconnecting with his family.

In today’s episode, Brandon takes the whole family over to the Olympus Athletic Club to meet with his old friend and gym owner Sean Barber. They share stories from the past and a few laughs… but more importantly they reflect on one of the biggest moments of Brandon’s life – his marriage to Brandy.

This kickstarts one of the most unbelievable stories and marriage proposals you’ve most likely ever heard. It’s so unbelievable that if you wrote it in fiction no one would accept it. They’d think it’s too over the top. But real life doesn’t need to make sense. It involves a message from God, a maybe priest-hooker, and a possibly haunted chapel. If that doesn’t intrigue you, we don’t know what will.

Brandon’s marriage and wedding was an incredible transformation in his life just like his physique transformation in Kuwait. It was sudden. It was fantastic. And it took a lot of hard work and faith. Watch the full episode above!


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