SEASON FINALE: Friends and family describe the inner strength and inspiration of Brandon Curry.

OFFSEASON WITH THE CURRYS – is an original docu-series chronicling Brandon Curry’s return to his family from Kuwait. After training abroad for months with the Camel Crew in hopes of a big physique change, Brandon must find a way to balance his family life with his bodybuilding career. This series goes in depth showcasing the hard work it takes both in and outside of the gym to lead a true bodybuilding lifestyle. This episode is the season finale.

Brandon Curry has been undergoing an insane transformation over the past year. It’s that very transformation that has put him into the forefront of bodybuilding conversations and also landed him in the top 5 at this past Mr. Olympia competition.

But in order to make that kind of physical transformation – you have to have the inner strength to make those kinds of physique changes we’ve seen from him training in Kuwait. In the final episode of Offseason With The Currys, Brandon and Brandy throw a party inviting family and friends – and we get to sit down with them all to hear how Brandon had affected, inspired, and made a difference in so many lives.

As you will soon see from each and every account, it’s Brandon Curry’s spirit that makes the life he lives possible. It’s what makes his extraordinary transformation and rise possible. It’s what makes him able to travel to Kuwait, become a bodybuilding superstar, and still make time to truly be there for his wife and kids. Check out the season finale of Offseason With The Currys above!


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