Ohio Residents Petition to Have the Arnold Sports Festival Cancelled Amid Coronavirus Concerns

The Coronavirus appears to be the gift that just keeps on giving.

The spread of the Coronavirus is becoming a major concern not only in the United States, but around the globe as multiple countries have begun the process of testing citizenry amid the pandemic sickness. With cases of individuals contracted the Coronavirus on the rise in the US, many citizen are doing all they can to ensure that the sickness doesn’t get a strong foothold stateside.

That includes Ohio residents who want to cancel the upcoming Arnold Sports Festival.

Amid concerns of the Coronavirus spreading, particularly because of the international competitors coming to US shores, it seems that citizens of Ohio have endeavored to get the Arnold Sports Festival cancelled. A petition has been placed online and many Ohio natives have already signed.

The Mayor of Columbus Ohio – Andrew Ginther is facing tremendous pressure to cancel the Arnold Sports Festival 2020. A recent press conference that was to touch on the Arnold Sports Festival and Coronavirus concerns was cancelled adding fuel to the fire that the event could follow suit.

The office of Governor Mike DeWine had this to say about the Coronavirus concerns and the annual Arnold Sports Festival potentially being cancelled.

“Our office is aware of the petition. The CDC has not issued any guidance on mass gatherings. However, our guidance to any building hosting a large number of people, whether an employer, school, church, or sporting event, is to make sure handwashing stations and hand sanitizer are available and to encourage good handwashing practices.”

Several sponsors who have spoken to Generation Iron have already begun to pull out of the Arnold Sports Festival. If this petition is successful it could force the hand of the Arnold Sports Festival committee to cancel the show, which would be a truly major and disappointing turn of events for many of the competitors who have trained hard for the event.

As of now there has been no official word as to if the Arnold Sports Festival will be cancelled, but Generation Iron will be following this story closely as it develops.

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