Why did Oksana Grishina retire so early?

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Oksana Grishina revolutionized the women’s Fitness division in the sport of bodybuilding. Her posing routines raised the bar for all competitors in her wake and her pop culture inspired costumes brought life to the division in a way no others in bodybuilding had done before.
So it came as a shock to fans of Oksana’s and the fitness division in general when she announced in 2017 that she would no longer compete in the Fitness division. Surely, she could have continued to dominate for much longer a time. Yet here we are about to face the 2018 Mr. Olympia with no Oksana to be a shoe-in during the Fitness competition. Leaving room for a new champion.
Director Vlad Yudin met up with Oksana in Los Angeles to catch up with her life post retirement and to find out the main motivation behind leaving the competitive stage so early. They also dive into her past and explore her genesis in the Fitness division. What kind of legacy has Oksana left behind and how will the new generation of Fitness competitors compare to her incredible reign as champion? Find out in our full Iron Cinema interview above!