Olympia 2020 Fitness Results

Stellar fitness routines showcased a powerful battle at the Olympia 2020 fitness competition.

The Olympia 2020 Fitness division is unique in that it has two stages of judging – the physique posing and the fitness routines. The routines bring a shot of excitement into the arm. It breaks us off from traditional posing routines and shows us unique costumes, props, and over the top choreographed routines.

This year was extra special with Oksana Grishina returning to potentially reclaim her thrown. She was a reigning Olympia Fitness champion for years before retiring. Does she still have the magic?

Oksana showcased an impeccable performance and a fantastic physique and even after so many years away was in the seeming lead of a tight race. Between the pre-judging earlier and the finals showcase – it seemed like she might have been a shoe-in to win. But competitors Missy Truscott and returning champion Whitney Jones were right by Oksana’s side ready to take the first place spot.

We no longer need to guess as the first night of the competition has come to a close and we have the Olympia 2020 Fitness results announced. After a slight mix up where Oksana was first announced the winner – the judges needed to correct the announcement. It turned out that this wouldn’t ultimately be a comeback story and instead a victory for Missy Truscott.

Check out the official results below – brought to you by Nutrabio!

Olympia 2020 Fitness Missy Truscott

Olympia 2020 Fitness Results

1. Missy Truscott
2. Oksana Grishina
3. Whitney Jones
4. Ariel Khadr
5. Jaclyn Baker
6. Tiffany Chandler
7. Aurika Tyrgale
8. Minna Pajulahti
9. Darrian Borello
10. Derina Wilson
11. Sally Kendall-Williams
12. Terra Plum

Official Olympia 2020 Fitness Scorecard

Olympia 2020 Fitness scorecard

Olympia 2020 Fitness Highlights

Fitness Olympia Past Winners

  • 2019: Whitney Jones
  • 2018: Whitney Jones
  • 2017: Oksana Grishina
  • 2016: Oksana Grishina
  • 2015: Oksana Grishina
  • 2014: Oksana Grishina
  • 2013: Adela Garcia
  • 2012: Adela Garcia
  • 2011: Adela Garcia
  • 2010: Adela Garcia
  • 2009: Adela Garcia
  • 2008: Jen Hendershott
  • 2007: Adela Garcia
  • 2006: Adela Garcia
  • 2005: Jen Hendershott
  • 2004: Adela Garcia-Friedmansky
  • 2003: Susan Curry
  • 2002: Susan Curry
  • 2001: Susan Curry
  • 2000: Susan Curry
  • 1999: Mary Yockey
  • 1998: Monica Brant
  • 1997: Carol Semple-Marzetta
  • 1996: Saryn Muldrow
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