2021 Olympia Pro Wheelchair Results

The Olympia 2021 Pro Wheelchair winner is…

The Pro Wheelchair division in bodybuilding has seen exponential growth year after year. What started as a fledgling division eventually made it onto the main stage of both the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia.

At its core, Pro Wheelchair is further proof of the main message behind bodybuilding. Hard work and dedication towards your goals can lead towards transformation. Not only that – but push the limits of what we think is possible in this world. This is never made more clear than at the Olympia 2021 – bringing the greatest pro wheelchair competitors together from across the world.

In addition to the typical posing routines and comparison rounds – a unique element to the Pro Wheelchair division is the announcement of each athlete’s injuries. Depending on the nature of the injury, the bodybuilder will have different mobility. This directly affects what can and cannot be trained.

Typically, the Pro Wheelchair division is judged from the waist up. But the nature of the injury is detailed before each routine to bring context to what they can and cannot train as effectively. This plays into the judges decisions to some degree.

This weekend held the Olympia 2021 Pro Wheelchair competition, showcasing the best wheelchair bodybuilders in the world. All fighting for the title of number one. The results have finally been announced. You can check them out below:

Olympia 2021 Pro Wheelchair Results

  • First Place – Harold Kelley
  • Second Place – Gabriele Andriulli
  • Third Place – Anthony Khadraoui
  • Fourth Place – Adolfo Cerame Jr.
  • Firth Place – Tyler Brey
  • Sixth Place – Chad McCrary
  • Seventh Place – Bradley Betts
  • Eighth Place – Johnny Quinn

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Official 2021 Olympia Pro Wheelchair Score Card

Previous Olympia Pro Wheelchair Winners

  • 2020: Harold Kelley
  • 2019: Harold Kelley
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